Amish Chairs

We present the finest Amish chairs that we have seen—sturdy seats, strong spindles, and wood screws in all major joints. All spindles are custom fit and driven together with mallets so the chairs will stay tight. Most of the furniture comes from Holmes County, Ohio where the world's largest settlement of Amish live. All of our Amish Chairs (with the exception of the Mates Chair) are available as an arm chair or side chair. Arm chairs normally cost about $20.00 more per chair. Visit our showroom for a complete selection of Amish chairs.

Almost any dining chair can be put on a desk base. If you see a chair that appeals to you don't hesitate to check and see if it can be put on a desk base.

Bowback Chairs

Amish Chair - Windsor Slotback ChairThe Windsor bowback chair has been a staple of Amish-furniture offerings since we began selling furniture.  Their strong design, where the forward placement of the bow on the seat creates a strong bracing effect making them a strong choice for durability.

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Vertical slat-backed Chairs

Example of vertical back Amish chairs.Vertical slat-backed chairs started making a stronger presence in the early nineties with the rise in popularity of mission and other arts and craft styling.  From straight slats, to curved slats providing lumbar support, their popularity continues. 

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Solid Back Chairs

Example of solid back Amish chair.Solid back chairs are the least popular, perhaps because often their cost is the highest with wood or upholstery covering the entire back of the chair.  In a room that needs a bit of flash, the upholstery fabric covering the entire back of a chair can provide an interesting design element.

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Horizontal slat-backed Chairs

Example of Horizontal Slat-back Amish chair.Over the past three years, horizontal slat-backed chairs have surged in popularity.  Although interior fashion called for something new and different, one could argue that they present a more Zen-like appearance in the dining room and fit well with modern Eastern-influenced design elements.

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Country Cottage Amish Chairs

Amish Chair - Pressback Chair.Although much of country interior decorating now leans either toward cottage or primitive, these chairs work well in those settings.  However, in this category more than any other, painted finishes, including black and white, add impact to the completed room. 

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