Stain Color Choices

When special-ordering Amish-crafted furniture, stain selection can be a big part of the decision.  Although most people associate a golden-honey stain to be the natural “oak” color, the truth is that unstained oak is a light blonde finish and not one of our best sellers.

Stain is simply pigment, or color, suspended in some kind of carrying liquid that makes it easy to spread over the wood.  Unlike paint, stain is transparent and shows off the natural patterns and textures of the wood. Like paint, there are thousands of stain choices available.  Our Amish-crafted collections give about a dozen stain choices with no added cost.  For a small fee, you can bring in your own stain, or choose from the thousands of stains available in the market place at places like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe’s and more.

Having said all that, our two most popular stains today are golden oak (our own MX) and harvest (Michael’s cherry being a close associated stain).  Stop in at House of Oak & Sofas and let a salesperson show you how changing stain can make furniture look and “feel” so different.

Ohio Amish-Crafted Stain Choices

Ohio Amish-Crafted Stain Choices.
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Pennsylvania Amish-Crafted Stain Choices 

golden stain.

harvest stain.

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